Saturday, May 9, 2015

Going to La Vang

      Dear Ông Malcolm,
   How are you and your family? How is your working? I hope you and your family are well . I and my family also are well. My father sometimes goes to the farm. The harvest has finished. My mother is looking after house. Two younger brothers are preparing for the new school  year.
      Thank you very much for helping that we could go to DUC ME LAVANG. We could say prayers for everyone.
      Our trip was excited and wonderful, We started 2 A.M. Friday , August , 12 We stopped in Đà Nãng City in order  to  visit  ĐỨC  MẸ  TRÀ   KIU  is  very beautiful. Then we went to Huế and stoped again in Huế. We stayed in Huế and was sleeping in Huế Church. There are many people was staying in Huế Church. It's larger than Hòa Yên Church.
      Saturday in the morning we went to visit PHONG NHA , K Bàng Cave.  It is beautiful and wonderful.
      We climbed to the to of mountain.
   In the afternoon we went back  ĐỨC M LAVANG. We must sleep in outdoor. There are a lot of people in here. I and my family asked ĐỨ M LAVANG to send much rain to grow many and also said prayers for you and your family on Sunday.
      In the morning , 15 , August here are priests and Bishops came here. We were enjoying the big ceremony . I send to you 3 photographs I took in ĐỨC M LAVANG I and my family went everywhere. We knew many
things. We really thank you very much about our trip.
    We ask God and our LADY of LAVANG to watch over you and your family with healthy and happy.
                                                           Best wishes
                                 Mai Hoàng T Nguyt                                                

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